Two quick and simple ways to cut durian without being pricked by thorns

Durian is a delicious and nutritious fruit that many people love, but the process of adding durian is not easy. Dien May XANH will guide you two ways to add durian quickly, simply without being stabbed in the article below!

1 How to choose delicious and easy durian

First when choosing durian you look at the shape of the durian. Durian evenly enlarged, no distortion, the clear division. Ripe durian fruit slightly cracked outer shell, characteristic aroma.

Choose a round durian

Durian spines when ripe will Large, hard, slightly rounded spines. Durian spines that are sharp and small are green durians.

Durian spines bloom big and evenly

Ripe durian will have peduncle hard and natural green. Do not choose durian fruits with wilted or stemless stems because durian fruits have been aged for a long time.

Durian stalks are hard and fresh

Durian that wants to be easy to eat must be naturally ripe durian and the segments are clearly not distorted or crooked.

2 Two quick and easy ways to add durian

1. Add durian with a knife

After choosing the durian fruit you like, you add durian in the following way.


- Gloves.

- The knife has a sharp tip.

Step 1: Determine the line of the durian zone

On the durian fruit there are line divide durian fruit into separate segments. This line runs from the top of the durian fruit to the stem.

Determine the line on the durian to cut

Step 2: Add durian

Once you have determined the line dividing the durian segments, you should wear gloves to avoid being pricked by thorns. afterward cut the stem of durian to equal to make the durian easier to stand. 

Cut along the lines on the durian

You stand up the durian and use a knife cut along the dividing line from the top to the base of the fruit. Cut 2-3 pieces or cut all the segments if you want to eat the whole durian.

Cut all the durians along the lines

Step 3: Separating durian segments

You use hand force separates the durian segments Follow the cut path, you can enjoy delicious durian.

Use hand force to separate durian

2. How to add durian without using a knife

As for the durians, well cooked and not too big You don't need a knife but you can still separate each durian by holding the stem of the durian slam the left end firmly on the cutting board or hard ground. At this time, the durian fruit will separated at the lines, you just need to use the force of your hand to remove it very easily.

How to cut durian without using a knife

How to preserve durian when not eating it all

If the durian fruit is too big to eat all of it, you should only add a few segments to eat as needed. The rest left in the fruit will preserve longer.

But if you accidentally add too much to eat, you just need to put durian in a sealed container and store it in the refrigerator. Durian is easy to smell on other foods, so you have to close the lid of the box tightly and put it in a separate compartment.

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Hope the above article will help you not to be "bewildered" when adding durian for the first time!

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