Why should you buy a portable steam iron?

Steam irons are probably too familiar to consumers, but handheld steam irons are a new iron model, still quite strange to many people. So what are the benefits of using this iron? 

1Fashionable, diverse, convenient design

Hand-held steam irons have rich and fashionable designs, colors, and styles to meet the needs and tastes of consumers. So, depending on your preferences, you can easily choose the best ironing board model.


The design of handheld steam irons is very handy, most of them have a handheld style with a large iron head in the front and a slim handle at the back or a handheld style like holding a teapot, users can You can gently move the iron to smooth wrinkles without using much force.

Hand-held design is convenient for you to move, not afraid of hand fatigue
Hand-held design is convenient for you to move, not afraid of hand fatigue

The inside of the iron is designed to be sealed, limiting water leakage to help protect users' safety, avoid the risk of electric shock and the clothes are always ironed clean, not yellowed, increasing the durability of the iron. .

The iron is equipped with an additional brush head to help straighten clothes with thick materials and a folding clip to help keep the folds and cups for clothes.

2Easy to carry with you, convenient to use anytime, anywhere

With the compact, lightweight size typical of handheld steam irons, users can carry the iron anywhere they want to use it such as company or business trip, travel ...


The iron is very convenient to store, you just need to wrap the cord around the iron, then put it in the bag that comes with the iron or put it directly in your bag or suitcase.

3Iron all clothes straight

The handheld steam iron is capable of straightening all types of clothes from thick materials such as velvet, khaki, jeans to ultra-thin clothes such as silk, chiffon, linen without burning or scratching the fabric surface. like when ironing with traditional dry irons.

When ironing with a handheld steam iron, the fibers are not worn, the fabric is optimally protected, prolonging the life and keeping your clothes bright, clean and beautiful as new.

4No need to use a dressing table

Products with vertical steam function, capable of straightening clothes hanging on hooks, curtains, curtains hanging on shelves, tablecloths on the table...


As a result, saving time and effort ironing for women and especially reducing costs when there is no need to buy a clothes table.

5Good quality, affordable price

Coming from big, globally famous brands such as Philips, Goodway, Tobi, Salav… The hand steam iron models not only have a beautiful design, personality but also very good quality and durability. highly appreciated by professionals and consumers.


The price of handheld steam irons of these brands is very affordable, suitable for the vast majority of Vietnamese consumers, but to make sure you buy genuine, quality products at the best price, you should come and buy them. in supermarkets and reputable electronics stores.

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