What is Windows Hello? How to install, activate and use Windows Hello

Windows Hello gives you a simpler way to sign in to Windows 10 laptop devices. So what is Windows Hello, how to install and use? Let's find out with GREEN ELECTRICAL!

1 What is Windows Hello?

Windows Hello is instant access private and safe more on the Windows 10 device your device using facial or fingerprint recognition, or a USB or smartwatch.

That is, instead of having to enter the password from the keyboard, we can now use other more advanced ways and especially never be afraid of forgetting or losing the computer login password.

Windows Hello

2 How does Windows Hello work?

Windows Hello offers Biometric identification system, which allows you to sign in to devices, apps, online services, and networks using your face or fingerprint.

In particular, Windows Hello will do not store photo or picture of your face, fingerprints on your device or anywhere else. When you set up Windows Hello, this application will not save the image but encode your face, fingerprints into data. It also helps you lock your computer yourself when you leave.

How Windows Hello works

3 On which devices is Windows Hello available?

Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and any device already installed, in use and in use Windows 10 Anniversary Update operating system and have a fingerprint reader can enable and use this feature on a computer.

4 How to install Windows Hello

Select button Start (Windows Icon) > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options to set up Windows Hello. 

Start installing Windows Hello

In Windows Hello, you will see the options for face, fingerprint or pupil if your computer supports this feature.

You click Set up in section Face Recognition (to set up face recognition), and if you choose to use Fingerprint then choose Set up in the section Fingerprint.

Specifically when selecting items Fingerprint, click the button Get Started. When requested enter your account PIN your password, enter your PIN to continue with the next steps.

enter your account PIN

Next you will be asked to slide a finger in Fingerprint Reader for fingerprint recognition. Slide the finger you want to use to recognize your Windows 10 computer login twice.

slide one finger into Fingerprint Reader

Once done, you will get a message saying: All sets.

Click close at All set

For setting up the computer to log in through Face Recognition,  In this second step, Windows will face close-up as well as your facial features. Therefore, we should take a lot of pictures so that the "login picture" is clear in the most details.

face detection settings

5 How to use Windows Hello

This feature has 4 options for users, which are:

  • Use fingerprints.
  • Using the retinal vein of the eye.
  • Face Recognition.
  • Use an external device as a “smart key”.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of the above ways to use Windows Hello.

Another small feature inside Windows Hello is Dynamic lock. This is a smart auto-lock feature that allows the computer to automatically lock when the device contains a "key". move out of range machine scan.

Dynamic Lock settings

To do that, you need to put your smart watch or phone into Bluetooth pairing mode and pair it with your computer, specifically:

choose Bluetooth and other device settings / Add Bluetooth or other device / Bluetooth. Now you will see your device displayed in the list as below, select it to start using.

Select Bluetooth and other device settings

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Above is information about Windows Hello that Dien May XANH shares with you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article.

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